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Destination Wedding Planner Jamaica – Almarie Walters

Jamaica, the island of One Love, beautiful sand beaches with crystal clear water, great local food, and the fabulous adventures that await you. And so many venues for the memorable destination wedding of your dreams.  Tropical Weddings Jamaica brings it all to you with a touch of island hospitality only found on their island.  Almarie Walters, has been my contact on Jamaica for years. She’s fabulous and will be your new best friend while planning your special day.

Today we’re talking with Almarie, destination wedding planner…

Tropical Weddings Jamaica

Tropical Weddings Jamaica


So, tell us about yourself and how you got started planning weddings in Jamaica?

It all started with a vision. I always enjoyed making other people happy, and I love doing that with wedding planning. We wanted to fulfill bride and groom dreams, allowing them to customize what they want without the restrictions of a typical hotel wedding. We figured that the best way to do so was by tailoring each wedding to their needs, so that it is unique and memorable. We are convinced that all couples deserve a wedding that reflects their wishes and respects their budget. That’s how Tropical Weddings Jamaica was born.

Based in Ocho Rios, Jamaica but also servicing other areas on the Island, like Montego Bay, Falmouth, Private Villas etc, Tropical Weddings caters to all your wedding needs with total precision to detail. We have over ten years in tourism /customer service and wedding planning experience. Our goal is to help you make your special day even more special, as we help make your wedding dreams come true. From the day you plan your preferred wedding date to the day you arrive in Jamaica, all you do is relax and everything else will be taken care of with total attention to detail.

What is your favorite part about being a wedding planner?

My favorite party about being a wedding planner is at the end of a wedding. The reaction you get from the couple, mainly the bride, about how satisfied they are with the service they received.  Especially the couples you only get to meet on the wedding day or a couple days before their wedding, giving that they are thousands of miles away and won’t get to see anything before the in person until the wedding day.

Tropical Wedding Jamaica - Beach Wedding

Tropical Wedding Jamaica – Beach Wedding

Why choose Jamaica for their wedding?

Happily every after begins here…..Envision  a place you’ve always dreamed of for your perfect wedding, where the ambiance is a blend of the splendor in natural surroundings and romantic ambiances that satisfies every brides idea of a true Jamaican experience . Start your lifetime memories in the ultimate location where we provide wedding  renewals, receptions, cruise ship shoreside wedding packages and exclusive wedding planning services in a personal, naturally beautiful, pampering setting that redefines and  will undoubtedly bring you to  rediscover the connection that first brought you together.

With Tropical Weddings Jamaica, it’s absolutely an irresistible invitation to indulge in life’s extraordinary pleasures….Good Value, Excellent Services, Stunning Locations; Gracious Hospitality awaits you. Imagine your wedding in the magical Island of Jamaica.

What advice do you have for couples who are just starting to consider doing a destination wedding?

Planning a Destination Wedding is the easiest and most cost effecting route that most clients will take because even though you invite everyone you know NOT everyone will be able to attend.

Planning a budget is one of the most essential part of planning your wedding, doing this will allow yourseld a strees-free planning experience as this can be the most difficult thing to control given that you may want to invite everyone, but you cant so sticking to your budet will keep you from over spending

Initially these budget list items are usually included in your destination wedding for one simply price, all you do is show up and we mean literally just show up, every detail is taken care of before your arrival in Jamaica

The first thing you need to do is decide on the number of people you will cater for and stick to it, going back and forth on numbers will definitely increase the stress of adding more money to your budget…..listed are some preliminary steps to begin once the engagement is official…

  • Select at least three tentative dates and time…and then finalize on the one which is avialable.
  • Book a Professional Wedding Planner
  • Draft up a Guest List
  • Reserve Venue



Tropical Weddings Jamaica – Aqueducts Ruins

What trends have you been seeing lately that you really love?

Trends vary depending on the season, but I love are the bright vibrant colors that brides choose for their destination wedding.  A lot of people are also moving away from the typical white chair covers and ribbons.  They’re now doing Chiavari or white folding chairs.

Any color trends that you’ve noticed brides asking for lately?

It’s funny, because I always find it amazing when a particular week, all the brides choose the same colors for that week.  As though its some epic terrestrial thing.  For example, one week, every bride chose fucshia, pain and orange. The following week all the brides went purple and white.  After that it was royal blue and white.  I always find those amazing.  How the color just come together like some pre-determined theme, which its not. But maybe in cyber world there is something going on…

How far in advance do you recommend couples start planning for a destination wedding?

Couples can start planning for their destination wedding from 1 year to 1 day in advance.  It all depends on how simple or elaborate they want their event.  Just be sure to give yourself and your guests enough time to save for the event.

Tropical Weddings Jamaica - Grande Oceanfront

Tropical Weddings Jamaica – Grande Oceanfront


Any thoughts on hiring wedding vendors locally vs. bringing them from where they live?

Bringing them from home can be costly, as most of the time the couple would pay for their travel and lodging.  Whilst using a local vendor, it would cost less, leaving them more room in the budget for additional items for the wedding. We are on the island and we know our vendors. We only work with the best in the industry.

What’s your top tip for couples?

Budget. You can never stress on the budget enough. Set a budget and stick to it. Once you keep going back and forth on what you want, that’s when things start to get complicate and can become very stressing for the couple.

Tropical Weddings Jamaica - Beach Wedding

Tropical Weddings Jamaica – Beach Wedding


Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

We at Tropical Weddings Jamaica provide a wide range of service for every bride, budget and need. Our services are designed with every client in mind, so whatever service you are looking for, no matter how large of a group or small romantic affair for two, our services are sure to exceed your expectation.

  •  Pre-Planning Wedding Coordination
  •  Onsite Wedding Coordination
  •  Budget Management
  •  Venue & Location Selection
  •  Catering  & Menu Service
  •  Reception Facilities
  •  Ceremony Facilities
  •  Decor & Concept Designs
  •  Color Coordination
  •  Lighting Decor
  •  Dance Floor
  •  Photographers
  •  Videographers
  •  Live Wed-Cast Streaming
  •  Officiates
  •  Document & License Processing
  •  Floral Arrangements
  •  Limousince & Transportaton
  •  Tours & Island Excursoins
  •  Group & Bridal Pty Activities
  •  Travel & Accomodation
  •  Wedding Rehearsals
  • Customizable Services Available

If the service you require is not listed, rest assured, we will customise our services to fit your specific needs.


You can find Almarie and Tropical Weddings Jamaica online.  They have a fabulous new website to view all the options that you could dream of for your wedding.

Tropical Weddings Jamaica

Phone: 1-876-407-6767

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Tropical Weddings Jamaica

Spotlight Interview – Tropical Weddings Jamaica

Destination Wedding Planner Jamaica – Almarie Walters Jamaica, the island of One Love, beautiful sand beaches with crystal clear water, great local food, and the fabulous adventures that await you. And so many venues for the memorable destination wedding of your dreams.  Tropical Weddings Jamaica brings it all to you with a touch of island… 

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